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One of the most common forms of hair braiding today is cornrows. They are of African origin and involve parting the hair in sections that are closely to the scalp to form a row. There are many misconceptions about the type of hair that works well and looks great in cornrows. While it may be difficult to braid finer hair due to its texture and lack of adherence to the braid, it is by no means impossible.

Depending on whom your stylist is your hair braiding experience could be something to look forward to or a matter of complete and utter dread. There are plenty of horror stories, complete with pictures, of how clients lost hair around their hairline because their braids were too tight.

A professional hair braider like the ones at First Class Hair Braiding Salon LLC has the expertise to braid all types of hair regardless of texture, allowing you to enjoy this trendy hairstyle irrespective of your hair type. We also use hair products that not only smell delicious, but also keep scalp irritation to a minimum.

Hair braiding styles are so versatile that they can be incorporated into every facet of your life. They can look corporate, high fashion, relaxed and laidback, or trendy. We offer many 100% human hair brands, which are favored for their resemblance to your natural hair. We also offer synthetic braids like:

• Expression Kanekolla
• Afro Choice for Kinky Braiding
• Double Ponytail Braiding
• Bodywave

Hair braiding requires a professional braider to have your hair looking and feeling great. Visit First Class Hair Braiding Salon LLC in Quincy, MA today for your specialized head-turning braided look.

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